Weight Loss: Developing Your Own Weight Loss Plan

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Are you interested in losing weight? If you are, you may have been told to create your own weight loss plan. Weight loss plans, which serve as guides and motivation for many individuals, have been known to help many achieve their weight loss goals. Although it is more than possible for you to join a local weight loss program or an online weight loss program and have a weight loss plan given to you, many take comfort in creating their own, customizable weight loss plans. If this is your first Continue Reading ...

Recognizing Blind Spots In Your Fat Loss Program

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Have you heard the joke about the person who orders a large cheeseburger and super sized fries and then asks for a diet soda because they are on a diet? Although this is an exaggeration it is a perfect way to explain what we mean by a blind spot. A blind spot is something that can sabotage your weight loss efforts and everyone sees it but you. Your blind spot may be one of the following or any number of things: • You binge on nutritionally void foods because they are "low fat" • You Continue Reading ...

The Basics Of The Low Carb Diet And How To Succeed With It

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Dieting is one of the favorite past times of many people today. But what then is the reason for such activity? Well, there are only two main reasons for dieting, the first is to lose weight, and the other one is to improve health, or even both. So today, those who are deformed and overweight are engaging in the low carb dieting for their better health and vitality. However, it is interesting to know that not only those who are deformed and overweight who are after the low carb diet. In fact, Continue Reading ...

The Advantages of Weight Loss Patch

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Finally, for severely obese people who have been unable to lose weight using traditional means, the utilization of weight loss patch may be an option. Basically, weight loss patch is a revolutionary device or product that helps people to lose weight effectively. This weight loss patch, also known as “the diet patch,” or the “Slim Form Patch” are the new and innovative weight loss product that are now readily available in the market. Its manufacturers contend that the ingredients used Continue Reading ...

Looking To Know About MGF II?

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You’ve picked the right article, if you are looking to know about MGF II. MGF II is a form of IGF-1, also known as “Insulin-like growth factor 1” that is a polypeptide protein hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin. It plays a key role in childhood growth and continues to have anabolic effects in adults. MGF II is produced in the body to stimulate satellite cells, so that they could become active to create a new muscle fiber. MGF also promotes nitrogen retention and new Continue Reading ...

How to Naturally Turn Your Slow Metabolism into a Fast Fat Burning Machine

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When Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays come around where I eat more than usual, I never feel guilty about how much I had eaten. The reason is because I’ve learned how to train my metabolism to burn enough body fat to allow me to have more “cheat” days. I’m not saying to eat anything and everything once you increase your metabolism (this is unhealthy), but what I am saying is that once your body is use to being in the fat burning mode, the guilt of eating “fattening” Continue Reading ...

Simple Strategies That Will Get You To Lose Weight (3)

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Simple Strategies That Will Get You To Lose Weight In the world of weight loss, there are plenty of great resources available to both new and experienced people. There are many diets, programs, e-guides, books, videos, and other resources available. This set of tips contains some of the best advice for helping you become a healthier person by losing weight safely. If you are having a hard time getting your diet started, then you should try with small, simple steps, like buying a pair of Continue Reading ...

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight – Pyruvate

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It seems we all Pyruvate present in our bodies, as it is formed during the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins. The claims for this natural remedy for losing weight are that it reduces fat, prevents the fat loss yo-yo effect, reduces cholesterol and increases endurance. All very beneficial things, if they actually come to pass. And now down to business, does this work or doesn't it? Again, you would definitely need to do your own research as there seems to be at least three difference Continue Reading ...

A New Way To Lose Weight From The Orient

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To try to lessen the bad feelings of being called fat or overweight, we tend to use lesser dreaded and offensive words such as "larger size" and "big" instead of plain "overweight" and "fat". But it took just one comment from a buddy friend, a nurse in the local hospital, to bring home a deep truth. She said, " In my entire life working in this hospital, I have yet to see a fat oriental chinese lady", referring to the patients she has seen seeking treatment in the government hospital. Of Continue Reading ...

The Low Glycemic Index Diet And Its Benefits For Diabetics

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The popular Low Glycemic Index Diet is certainly nothing new and is proven to work both as a weight loss plan and in controlling diabetes. An astounding number of Americans currently suffer from diabetes, a good majority of which experience symptoms due to improper weight management. This Lower GI Diet is especially helpful to diabetics because it incorporates foods with a low Glycemic Index to control the amount of sugars and carbohydrates your body is forced to regulate. If you have been Continue Reading ...